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Welcome! Fellow Snakes!
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I do some stuff in Garry's Mod, especially requests involving my friends' OCs~
If you like how they look and have an idea for me, do tell! :heart:

Random Favourites

MY favorites. MINE. ||3


Cuddlesnughug by SnivyVonDerp-PhuckII
With luck maybe those scientists will never notice I'm missing, because I'd sit here holding you forever if I could... Little Pixel Heart 

A request from a friend of mine!
Frozen Spaghetti World Tour by SnivyVonDerp-PhuckII
Frozen Spaghetti World Tour
Look, if you had, one shot
Or one spaghetti, to seize every spaghetti you ever wanted
In one moment
Would you capture it, or just let it slip?

His palms are spaghetti, knees weak, arms spaghetti
There's vomit on his spaghetti already; mom's spaghetti
He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm spaghetti
To drop spaghetti, but he keeps on spaghetti
What he wrote down, the whole crowd goes spaghetti
He opens his mouth but spaghetti won't come out
He's choking, how? Everybody's joking now
The spaghetti's run out, time's up, over-blow!
Snap back to spaghetti, oh! There goes gravity
Oh! There goes spaghetti, he choked
He's so mad, but he won't
Give up spaghetti nope, he won't have it
He knows, his whole back's to these ropes
It don't matter, he's dope
He knows that, but he's spaghetti
He's so stagnant, he knows
When he goes back to this spaghetti, that's when it's
Back to the lab again, yo, this whole rhapsody
He better go capture this spaghetti and hope it don't pass him

You better lose yourself in
Spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This spaghetti comes once in a lifetime, yo

...I'm not sorry.
Ghoulish Goulash by SnivyVonDerp-PhuckII
Ghoulish Goulash
Jeez, this recipe is rather demanding...we've been at this all day, and I've only just started the stirring phase. This had better be a truly calamitous concoction...
Red, go look for the bottle with the death skull on it. It's a few bottles down from the actual skull. If we don't drop in a bit of that in a few minutes, the whole potion will supposedly explode.

Say...Red, did something about you change? I don't look at you a lot, but something just seems off. Maybe it's that new hat.

(( Posted on Friday the 13th! ))
Outstanding by SnivyVonDerp-PhuckII
You'd spend your time voting on a SIXTH character who isn't owned by Nintendo?
On a FOURTH odd-looking moustached italian with a cap and overalls?
On the UPTEENTH anime-esque sword-swinging boy with a hero's name?

Why, there is so much potential! Some of these people seem like they haven't even looked at the hand they've been dealt. There's a king among those sevens and nines, my good player! What devil would tempt you not to use it?

By now I'm sure you know who it is I'm talking about...what will you do about it?
What Is HE Doing Here?! by SnivyVonDerp-PhuckII
What Is HE Doing Here?!
Oh god, oh man...why did this have to happen? Don't we have enough Gen1 pokemon in here already?! More than half of us! And there's only five of us! Didn't he get his chance and bomb it over a decade ago?? Why is everyone on the internet advocating for my living nightmare to walk in here...


About requests. I have a hell of a lot of models, and I've caught up on pokémon poses, but still feel free to request whatever you want~. Note that, along with this list, I can probably make most of the battle move effects, so don't hesitate with a good idea. I can also make reskins if you want your OCs or a shiny, but I'm afraid not everything is possible >w<

So look up your favorite pokémon and see if they're on the list! I'd be happy to make a picture with them if they are! ;3

001 Bulbasaur
003 Venusaur
004 Charmander
006 Charizard (I have three different models now, AND both mega evolutions!)
007 Squirtle (Also just the shell / retreated inside)
008 Wartortle
009 Blastoise (And Mega)
010 Caterpie
025 Pikachu
026 Raichu
037 Vulpix
038 Ninetales
039 Jigglypuff
050 Diglett
051 Dugtrio
052 Meowth (And coins for Pay Day)
054 Psyduck
055 Golduck
059 Arcanine
065 Alakazam
068 Machamp
070 Weepinbell (Came from Pokemon Stadium, so it's sized a bit wrong)
074 Geodude
076 Golem (Also comes with version for Rollout)
079 Slowpoke
081 Magnemite
082 Magneton (I could put Magnemites together)
088 Grimer (Not posable, but is in a general position)
088 Muk (Same deal as Grimer)
090 Shellder
093 Haunter
094 Gengar
100 Voltorb
101 Electrode
104 Cubone
105 Marowak
106 Hitmonlee
107 Hitmonchan
123 Scyther
125 Electabuzz
129 Magikarp
130 Gyarados
131 Lapras
133 Eevee
134 Vaporeon
135 Jolteon
136 Flareon
137 Porygon (Also comes as separate parts)
138 Omanyte
139 Omastar
142 Aerodactyl
143 Snorlax
144 Articuno
145 Zapdos
146 Moltres
149 Dragonite
150 Mewtwo (As well as both mega evolutions)
151 Mew
152 Chikorita
155 Cyndaquil (Comes with spiky flames optionally)
156 Quilava (Also optional flames)
158 Totodile
160 Feraligatr
162 Furret
172 Pichu
179 Mareep
184 Azumarill
186 Politoed
190 Aipom
196 Espeon
197 Umbreon
202 Wobuffet (Lipstick optional)
203 Girafarig
204 Pineco
205 Forretress
212 Scizor
215 Sneasel
216 Teddiursa
217 Ursaring
221 Piloswine
222 Corsola
233 Porygon2
237 Hitmontop
239 Elekid
245 Suicune
242 Blissey (Plus egg)
246 Larvitar
248 Tyranitar
249 Lugia (Plus Shadow!)
250 Ho-Oh
252 Treecko
255 Torchic
257 Blaziken (Two models and a Mega Blaziken!)
258 Mudkip
270 Lotad
281 Kirlia
282 Gardevoir
292 Shedinja
298 Azurill
302 Sableye
303 Mawile
304 Aron
306 Aggron (A bit low quality, sorry)
311 Plusle
312 Minun
320 Wailmer
321 Wailord
323 Camerupt
330 Flygon
335 Zangoose
352 Kecleon
355 Duskull
359 Absol (Try him out, he's sexy)
362 Glalie
363 Spheal (Also comes with version for Rollout)
370 Luvdisc
373 Salamence
376 Metagross
380 Latias
381 Latios
382 Kyogre
383 Groudon
384 Rayquaza
385 Jirachi
386 Deoxys
387 Turtwig
389 Torterra
390 Chimchar
392 Infernape
393 Piplup
394 Prinplup
395 Empoleon
399 Bidoof
403 Shinx
405 Luxray
411 Bastiodon
417 Pachirisu
418 Buizel
419 Floatzel
424 Ambipom
428 Lopunny
436 Bronzor
437 Bronzong
441 Chatot
443 Gible
445 Garchomp
446 Munchlax
447 Riolu
448 Lucario (Brawl, PokePark, and X/Y well as Mega Lucario)
453 Croagunk
461 Weavile
462 Magnezone
464 Rhyperior
466 Electivire
467 Magmortar
470 Leafeon (As well as the Autumn red color)
471 Glaceon
472 Gliscor
473 Mamoswine
474 Porygon-Z (Also comes in separate parts)
475 Gallade
477 Dusknoir
478 Froslass
479 Rotom (Every form)
483 Dialga
484 Palkia
485 Heatran
490 Manaphy
491 Darkrai (Also a huge boss version, which is epic)
492 Shaymin (Land and Sky formes)
493 Arceus (Every single type, including Fairy)
495 Snivy (Vines yay!)
496 Servine
497 Serperior
498 Tepig
499 Pignite
500 Emboar
501 Oshawott (Detachable scalchop, works with razor shell too)
502 Dewott (Same thing with Oshawott, with both scalchops)
503 Samurott (Same with his seamitars)
506 Lillipup
507 Herdier
508 Stoutland
509 Purrloin
511 Pansage
513 Pansear
515 Panpour
524 Roggenrola
526 Gigalith
530 Excadrill (Also comes in drilling form, if you've seen Best Wishes you should know this)
534 Conkeldurr
538 Throh
539 Sawk
543 Venipede
544 Whirlipede
545 Scolipede
547 Whimsicott
548 Petilil
549 Lilligant
551 Sandile
552 Krokorok
553 Krookodile
554 Darumaka
555 Darmanitan (Zen mode included)
556 Maractus
559 Scraggy
561 Sigilyph
562 Yamask (Mask can come separate)
563 Cofagrigus (Yes, the ghosty arms too, as well as closed-up)
570 Zorua
571 Zoroark
576 Gothitelle
579 Reuniclus
589 Escavalier
595 Joltik
596 Galvantula
597 Ferroseed (With or without thorns, as well as separate thorns)
598 Ferrothorn
599 Klink
600 Klang
601 Klinklang
608 Lampent
610 Axew
611 Fraxure
612 Haxorus
613 Cubchoo
614 Beartic
618 Stunfisk
621 Druddigon
622 Golett
623 Golurk (Flying with cannons, too)
624 Pawniard
625 Bisharp
626 Bouffalant (The hair can come separately for some reason)
628 Braviary
635 Hydreigon
638 Cobalion
639 Terrakion
640 Virizion
641 Tornadus (Cloud can come separate)
642 Thundurus (Ditto)
643 Reshiram
644 Zekrom
645 Landorus (Same as previous two)
646 Kyurem (Normal, Black, and White)
647 Keldeo (Both formes)
648 Meloetta (Also both formes)
650 Chespin
653 Fennekin
656 Froakie
658 Greninja (Unofficial model, but it's honestly not so bad looking)
660 Diggersby
674 Pancham
677 Espurr
684 Swirlix
700 Sylveon
701 Hawlucha
702 Dedenne
704 Goomy
706 Goodra
710 Pumpkaboo (In all sizes)
711 Gourgeist (Ditto)
714 Noibat
715 Noivern
716 Xerneas
717 Yveltal
--- MissingNo. (Comes as glitchy and the ? in a circle)
--- m (A glitch pokémon, look it up)
--- u (Also a glitch pokémon)

I also have a few trainers, both male and female...but I'd rather not make any pictures with trainers in them (I'd rather just focus on the pokémon). Oh yes, I can also get quite a lot of items. Here.

Great Ball
Ultra Ball
Master Ball
Safari Ball
Premier Ball
Repeat Ball
Timer Ball
Nest Ball
Net Ball
Dive Ball
Luxury Ball
Heal Ball
Quick Ball
Dusk Ball
Cherish Ball
Metal Coat (The thing for evolution)
Gracidea (That flower for Shaymin, it comes open and closed)
Pokémon Egg
Manaphy Egg

Also, as you probably know, a lot of the pokémon have many different facial expressions. Really, shoot me an idea if you get one! I have fangs but I do not bite.

Current Residence: The forest east of Unova Route 1..~ ;3
deviantWEAR sizing preference: A Snivy with clothes..?
Favourite genre of music: Pretty much anything WITHOUT LYRICS.
Favourite photographer: Photographs are
Favourite style of art: Anime, but not the weird kinds...don't get me started on ZUN's drawings o\\o
Operating System: PC, no Macs allowed ||3
MP3 player of choice: Screw 'em, I have a computer
Shell of choice: Do I look like a Dewott to you? <w<
Wallpaper of choice: Walls? o\\o
Skin of choice: My own, because it's smooth and lovely and you should hug me~
Personal Quote: "You're all my mates now."

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